Pet Care Assistance –¬†FOR PET OWNERS
Pet care assistance programs offer free or reduced cost medical and other pet services to pet owners. Pet care assistance includes spay/neuter programs, vaccinations, medical care, free pet food, and feral cat assistance. Our pet care assistance programs are only available to pet owners who pre-qualified to get the assistance.
What types of pet care assistance are available?

Cat and dog owners who cannot afford medical care or other necessities for their pets can get help from nonprofit and state/ local government programs. Pet care assistance programs include:

  • Spaying and neutering programs
  • Rabies and other vaccination clinics
  • Medical care for seriously ill or injured pets
  • Pet medication discounts
  • Support for people taking care of stray feral cats
  • Food pantries and other programs that offer pet food and pet supplies
  • Support for pet owners who must surrender their pets or need pet care advice