Money - Where will it go?

Formed in 2008, Animal Donation Advocate Inc. helps animals and their people in three major ways:

  • Assisting low-income community members with the cost of their pets’ veterinary care.
  • Partnering with other animal advocacy organizations to help them with veterinarian care for rescued, lost, abused and unwanted animals and to help them find loving homes. 
  • Organizations we work with include Friends of Orange County’s Homeless Pets (FOCHP), Animal Advocates of the United States (AAOFUS), Concerned Animal Lovers Association, and Save a Small Dog Rescue, Inc. (SASDR).
  • Providing funding for low-cost spay and neutering programs in the United States and Mexico (our work in Mexico is done through a separate nonprofit organization, Spay Mexico). During 2013, we partnered with cities and veterinarians to spay and neuter 6,217 animals in Mexico at an average cost of $10 per animal. In 2014, we are on track to spay and neuter 10,000. Our goal is to raise enough funds to develop a similar program in California. With your generous donations, we will make it happen.

Currently, Animal Donation Advocate Inc. is partnering with more than 25 veterinarians to provide these services. We rely 100% on charitable donations from the community – from businesses and people like you – to pursue our mission. None of the board members receive compensation, but provide their expertise and service on a completely volunteer basis.