Featuring Critical Mass (radio talk show host) RIC FRANZI! Ms Senior America 2001 Ms DORCAS PRESTON! And Ms Senior Orange County 2013 Ms FABIE COMBS!


Taco Bar
Casino Games
Photo Booth
Silent Auction
Massage Station

Animal Donation Advocates assists financially wherever we can when it has been determined that a pet’s life is at risk or will endure needless suffering without medical treatment. Working together with other nonprofit organizations we find loving homes for lost, abused and unwanted animals, support spay / neuter programs in Southern California and Mexico, help with medical support and enhanced nutrition, facilitate pet adoptions, educate about pet care and personal responsibilities of pet ownership and also sponsor veterinary care for under-privileged and economically challenged families. Animal Donation Advocates prides itself on the fact that almost 90% of donations are spent on helping support these wonderful programs and all donations are completely tax deductable. Please join us in this exciting endeavor!