We’ll Be Missing You Miki, You are an Angel

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Michael Angelo, also known as “Miki” is a service dog. An assistance dog trained to help people with disabilities.  He is an amazing dog that gives happiness to everyone.  He also loves to play with people.  Most importantly, this adorable dog gives an inspiration to other people, especially to those who are sick.

Those cats beside him are his close friends Kaz and Kino whom he regularly plays with at the backyard. Miki misses them so bad when they are not around.

Now that Miki had passed away, all the people he met are saddened by his demise. Everyone misses him so much especially the family who raised and took care of him.    If he only knew how much he means to them, he is not just a companion, but an inspiration, a source of happiness and a source of strength.  They are so thankful for everything Miki did.