n most cases, we will not approve assistance for animals that are not a spayed or neutered. Pet owners must agree to have their animal spayed or neutered when accepting financial assistance from our organization. We also do not approve already incurred vet bills. We want to help the person who is faced with a temporary crisis and otherwise would have nowhere to turn to ensure the health of their pet. Partial grant will be awarded to those who fall under our guidelines of need and Animal Donation Advocate will send a check to your Veterinary Hospital to be credited to the pet that is approved account. We cannot issue payment without the provider’s federal identification number.


1. We do not help with animals who are not spayed or neutered (unless you agree to have this procedure done concurrently with the required emergency care.)

2. We assist with sick, or injured, pets in pain, or if you can’t get them to the veterinary you will have to relinquish them to a shelter in order to get them medical attention.

3. You must have applied for, and been denied, Care Credit, which is a loan program for medical services. Information and applications are available at all veterinarian offices.

4. You need to have proof of your income unless it is a recent situation, which you must explain and be able to verify.

5. If you are misleading or give untruthful information on the application you will be exempt from receiving assistance.

6. Each application is reviewed and voted on by our Board of Directors. We reserve the right to deny assistance if we feel the applicant does not fall under our guidelines, or for any reason we deem appropriate.