Mr. Mcdreamy

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While doing what he loves, chasing mice outside, sweet kitty Mr. Mcdreamy was run over by a bicycle rider a couple weeks ago.His “kitty femur” was cut completely in two and was lodged up into his hip bone. Dreamy came to his owner when a friend rescued him and his siblings out of a plastic container in a dumpster. After being bottle fed from just days old he made it through and is the most loving sweet baby ever! He is about 12 months old now. Mr. Mcdreamy is now a part of an ever growing family. However, paying for his vet bill was impossible for his owner because they have taken in their two nieces and two nephews after being abandoned by their mother. But because of an amazing miracle, Dreamy’s bill has been covered by this amazing charity and the wonderful people at the vet! Bringing dreamy home has made his owner’s family feel whole again! Thank you to everyone who opens their heart to help others save their beloved pets!

We helped cover the cost for luna’s recovery


Luna was found

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Luna was malnourished and very depressed when found homeless and roving around Ensenada. Her body was covered in fleas, ticks, lice and had full sarcoptic and demodex mange.

She was brought to Animal Advocates, a very clean and loving home where she was taken care of and poured with love.

Now she is healthier and happier with the best life ever!


Help Sassy Be Happy!

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Not everyone knows what a dog feels. But if you do, maybe you can help them and give them what they want.

Sassy is a part Chihuahua and Pomeranian. She is nine years old and she’s just always sitting or lying on her favorite blanket where she sleeps.

This adorable puppy needs your help. She needs someone who will make her smile and active the same way she is before. Sassy will be very thankful for your kindness and surely she loves to play with you.

Miki, a Good Friend You Should Know

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Miki is an elderly service dog paid to be euthanized. It is a mercy killing where an animal is allowed to be killed if it has an incurable disease or hopeless condition.

Before his life has come to an end, there was a good thing he has done for others. The older lady in pajamas is a brain cancer patient from Bakersfield. She loves Miki because it gives her comfort and happiness every time she sees him. It seems that this lady has found a good friend in Miki.   She comes to see Miki and sometimes, Miki is the one who visits her.

The lady doesn’t know that Miki has passed away. Her daughter is still holding off to tell her. She’s waiting for the good timing to inform her mother because she knows this will make her sad.