About Us

Animal Donation Advocate, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization based in Orange County, California. It was founded by business owner and animal advocate Joseph Fleishon who serves as the organization’s volunteer president, chief financial officer and chairman of the board of directors.

Initially setup in March of 2008 as AAD Animal Rescue, Inc., the name was changed to Animal Donation Advocate as the organization couldn’t manage the influx of animals left at its doorstep as a result of the economic downturn.

Animal Donation Advocate is supported by individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of animals – both wanted and unwanted – and the families who love them. The sad truth is veterinarians see responsible pet owners every day who simply do not have the financial resources to pay for the medical needs of their pets.

Our three major areas of assistance include:

Financially Challenged Pet Owners

We assist animals from elderly, low income families, unemployed or those living on a fixed income with veterinary care when their pet’s life is at risk or the pet will endure needless suffering. We also promote education related to personal responsibilities of pet ownership.

Spay and Neuter

A core program of Animal Donation Advocate is to promote and support cost effective spay and neuter campaigns throughout Southern California and Mexico. Our belief is that animal overpopulation will reduce inhuman and unnecessary suffering of animals.

In 2013, we partnered with cities and veterinarians to spay and neuter 6,217 animals in Mexico at an average cost of $10 per animal.  We are on track to spay and neuter 25,000 animals in 2014!  Our goal is to raise enough funds to develop a similar program in California. With your generous donations, we will make it happen.

Animal Adoption Collaboration

Currently, Animal Donation Advocate Inc. partners with 25 veterinarians and numerous animal adoption organizations to assist in finding loving homes for lost, abused and unwanted animals

Our partnerships include:

Animal Advocate of the US (AAUS) – Locating an average of 20 forever homes for animals per month; this nonprofit organization’s programs extend throughout Southern Californian and parts of Mexico.  They also facilitate spay and neuter programs, help suffering animals with medical support and enhance nutrition at animal shelters.

Save A Small Dog Rescue, Inc. (SADR) – It is truly amazing what this group accomplishes each year with a very small budget.  Animal Donation Advocates assists SADR with financial assistance in all aspects of their pet rescue efforts for small dogs.

Animal Rescue Resources Foundation (ARRF) – We are proud to provide financial support to this dynamic nonprofit that provides pet adoption and pet care education services throughout greater San Diego.

Friends of Orange County’s Homeless Pets (FOCHP) – A wonderful non-profit organization dedicated to helping unwanted pets in Orange County become more adoptable so they can find lifelong homes. 

Spay Mexico is a separate nonprofit outreach organized by Animal Donation Advocate, Inc. for the sole purpose of promoting very low cost spay and neuter procedures in Mexico. Because of medical and surgical supply donations and an amazing team of volunteer medical professionals, our current cost for spay and neuters is just $10.00 per animal. The procedures involve a very small incision that takes only 10 minutes with 45 minutes for recovery. The “operating table” is an ironing board from Walmart with a special V cut plastic stricture for the animal during the operation.

Pet Food Donations

 A growing program ofAnimal Donation Advocate is procuring and donating pet food product to qualified nonprofit organizations and animal shelters. 

Financially Sound and Resourceful

Animal Donation Advocate is an all-volunteer effort that relies 100% on charitable donations from the community – caring individuals, businesses and other donors – to pursue its mission.

Animal Donation Advocate prides itself on spending only 10% of its budget on administrative costs and 90% on programs and services.

Please Support our Efforts! 

Please consider volunteering or making a financial donation to fund and extend our extensive efforts to save thousands of animals while also assisting those in need.

For donations, please click the “Donate” tab above.  We accept payment through Pay Pal and most credit cards.

Thank you!

Joseph Fleishon, President